Who Am I?

With what should I get started?
Mhh… I think I’ll start with my name,
Well, my name is shoaiyb sysa,
I’m 17 years old, Yes 17 years old.
I’m the youngest in our family,
I mostly like to play football but sometimes I play tv games,
I started to blog since when I was 13, At that time I’ve being so angry by everything I know it’s possible but I can’t archive it.
After being sucked in the blogging world, At 15 I move to YouTube, And finally I found out my self stuck in the web development world.

What Am I Doing Now?

As I said I’m a developer now, I’m always playing with some code editors,
And sometimes searching something very important as a developer.

What I’ve Archived?

Actually I’ve never done something unique, something very important for others in my life as a blogger, youtuber and a developer,
But I’m always looking for what newbies are struggling with and find out the solutions.

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